Creepy make up, horror movies, comic books, bands, tattoos, art, and randomness are what i fill my days with, join me on my journey to Hell, my friends.
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Today, tomorrow, and everyday after I will tell you the exact same thing. Whether you accept it or not. I’m insane, I’ve gathered that. The voices don’t go away and things don’t always get better. You have no way of knowing if the sun will come up tomorrow or if I’ll wake up. You don’t understand and you never will. You’ve never felt the agony and loss. I know because I know you. I’m not stupid and neither are you but just because you aren’t stupid doesn’t make you smart. I’m not broken but I do need help, I¬† am brave even when you don’t see it. He is not in a better place, he’s in the ground, my best friend. So no, it doesn’t get easier, it doesn’t go away in time. Every single day the grief and sorrow build up more and more and you will never understand how badly I want to run away. You just don’t know that hurt. You say you know but you don’t you will never know until I’m gone, gone from this world. And then, who will be there to lie to you and tell you that everything is okay and it will get easier. When deep inside you know that it only gets worse. I’m not going to lie to you. I will only speak the truth. I am afraid and nothing you can or will ever say can fix that so just give up. Give up on trying to fix the inevitable, give up on trying to push down the sadness, give up on all of it but don’t give up on me. This is all because and I am selfish, I am sad but I do not care. I want to be happy and I will strive to be happy whether you stand by my decisions or not. i will not back down even when the sick feeling surfaces and my mind is filled with grief. You can’t stop a revolution just like you can’t stop the evolution or the spinning of the earth! I am scare of losing everyone but being scared makes you weak and I will not be weak. i will stand up, I will stand above everything and everyone and I will not give up now. I will fight the urge to end it all because that is a cowards move. Stopping the heart of the living wont bring back the dead. Pushing things doesn’t make them go away and crying just makes it worse. Holding onto the past won’t bring it back and letting it go doesn’t mean you’ve forgotten. Slashing the skin on your wrists won’t make your problems go say and hiding behind bracelets and long sleeve jackets is a sad way to live.Feeling sorry for yourself doesn’t make people sorry for you and being a girl doesn’t make you helpless. I a tired of hearing the same non-negotiable debate over and over. Who’s going to win? No one, you are born,you live and you die. What you do in between is your own bidding. But hear me now, I will not be afraid of death. I will open my arms to his embrace knowing there is nothing I left undone but the broken hearts and the unraveled ribbon of past lives.I will not stop, I will not slow down I will not answer the “knock knock knocking of chaos at my door. You can’t make me. I will never be afraid to laugh and love and lice and fight. I am strong and I will not back down.

 honesty, pass it on.